Important Waiting List Information
  • To put your child’s name on the waiting list you need to complete the ‘Waiting List Application Form’ on this page and submit it to the Preschool. Once this form is received by the Preschool your child’s name will be added to the waiting list. (On enrolment we will require a copy of your child‛s birth certificate)
  • Once your child’s name has been entered on the waiting list it is your responsibility to ensure the director is advised of any change of address, telephone number or temporary absence to avoid missing out on an offer of enrolment.
  • If you wish to remove your child’s name from the waiting list, please inform the Preschool.
  • Being on the Preschool Waiting List does not guarantee enrolment at the Preschool. As Preschool positions are sometimes limited, you may also consider putting your child’s name on waiting lists at other centres.
  • Siblings of children attending the Preschool DO NOT automatically get enrolment at the Preschool, or priority of access. It is up to parents to ensure a waiting list form is completed and returned to Preschool.
  • The Preschool has a ‘Waiting List Policy’ that is strictly adhered to. We also abide by the priorities of access in our Service Specifications from Department of Education.
  • Offers of enrolment are generally made in the third term in each year for commencement at Preschool at the beginning of the following year. If vacancies occur during the year the position is offered to the next eligible child on the waiting list. Preschool positions are allocated in strict accordance with the ‘Waiting List Policy’ & ‘Service Specifications’.
  • It is very important we are made aware of any additional needs your child has as early as possible, so we can apply for funding as required to ensure we can support their participation within the preschool and the program.