An invoice is issued at the start of each term clearly stating the term fee and due date. There are four terms in each preschool year.

Full fees are payable for all absences, such as when a child is unwell, family holidays or if a child is excluded due to an infectious disease. Fees are not charged during non-term time.

Families have two options for the payment of term fees.

Option 1: Paying fees in full

If families are paying fees in full, fees need to be paid by the 4th week of each term. After this time a 10% late fee will apply. A Fee Policy is strictly adhered to regarding payment of fees. Non-payment will lead to late fees being charged and possible forfeiture of a child’s position.

Option 2: Payment Plan

The preschool supports families with fee payments by offering a ‘Payment Plan’ i.e. paying fees in weekly or fortnightly payments.

To pay by this method, a Payment Plan needs to be organised with the Clerical Assistant by the end of the second week of each term.

A Payment Plan Application/ Agreement will need to be signed by the family, agreeing to the Payment Plan conditions and payments. The payment instalments will be organised so that each terms fees will be finalised no later than week eight of each term.

Payment Plans must be strictly adhered to, otherwise this option will no longer be available to the family.

Fees can be paid by cash, cheque or by direct deposit at the bank.

Fee subsidy is available for families with a Low Income Health Care Card and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children.

Please contact the preschool for the latest fee structure.