Preschool Educators

At Thurgoona Preschool we have qualified, experienced educators who demonstrate a dedication to working with the children at our preschool. Our educators are involved with the children, supporting their play and investigations as facilitators and co-learners.

Our educators demonstrate a passion for working in early childhood education and care and furthering their knowledge through attending in-servicing, relevant meetings and readings, to ensure that advances in research-based evidence and new understandings gained in early childhood practices continue to inform and improve their performance as educators.

Our preschool committee are committed in supporting staff development by offering all staff training opportunities which foster ongoing professional development and excellence.

In each room there is an Early Childhood Teacher (Bachelor of Education Early Childhood Qualified) who works in partnership with our Educators (Diploma Qualified and Certificate III Qualified). There is a minimum ratio in each room of one adult for every ten children. We have an additional educator working in the room as required if funding is provided to support a child with additional needs.

Management Committee

The preschool is managed by a Management Committee, generally made up of interested parents. The Committee, Director and preschool educators work together to provide a quality early childhood education and environment for children and families. Our fundraising committee each year works hard to raise funds to purchase those extra resources and equipment for the children.

The Committee is made up of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising Coordinator and five general Committee Members. The Thurgoona Preschool Annual General Meeting is held in the third week of February.

The Committee of Management is a vital part of the preschool. Without a parent committee the Preschool cannot function.

Preschool Director

Our preschool Director manages the day to day running of the preschool. This includes ensuring compliance to regulation and legislation, ensuring safety at the preschool, supervision of staff and handling complaints and emergencies.

Clerical Assistant

Our Clerical Assistant is always hard at work in our preschool office. Our Clerical Assistant is often the first point of contact with our preschool and will happily answer any questions you may have. Our Clerical Assistant is the one to contact regarding matters such as fee payments and payment plans.